Fun Yener Zayt Lid

Yiddish poetry will be brought to life in new original songs penned by a stunning line-up of songwriters, including Deborah Conway, Lior, Paul Grabowsky, Willy Zygier, Josh Abrahams, Simon Starr, Adam Starr, Tomi Kalinski, and Juliana Kay. Traditional and modern Yiddish verse transformed by contemporary music genres such as rock, funk, pop, reggae, electronic, folk and more. Co-directed by Galit Klas and Evelyn Krape. 

March 2019

A Night To Remember:

The Ghetto Cabaret

Any night could be their last performance but the cabaret cast face down fear, hunger, disease and the threat of deportation to entertain fellow Jewish ghetto inhabitants. With an original script in English written and directed by Galit Klas incorporating Yiddish songs penned and performed in WWII ghettos, many unheard for 70 years, this show brings to life the irrepressible spirit and culture that brought joy, dignity and resilience in the worst of times. Co-presented by the Kadimah & the Jewish Holocaust Centre. 

15th-25th June 2017

Image: Yvette Coppersmith

Shikered: A Purim Cabaret

The Megilleh as political satire, in which the Ahashverosh Regime is challenged in a bawdy election campaign to ”Make Persia Great Again”.

Sholem Aleichem: Not Dead Yet

October 2016, Phoenix Theatre

The Kadimah's tribute to of our beloved Yiddish writer on his 100th yortsayt. Starring renowned New York Yiddish actor Shane Baker with an amazing local cast, script written by acclaimed author Arnold Zable, directed by Galit Klas.

Balaganeyden: A Messy Paradise

June 2016, Kadimah Theatre

Polish Yiddish Cabaret set in 1930s Poland.

Original Script by Arnold Zable, Directed by Galit Klas.

A Jewish Museum and Kadimah co-production

Maverick and Candy Visit Kangaroo Daz's AustraliaWorld'

2011, Chapel off Chapel

Short and Sweet Theatre Festival

Written by Miles Blackford, directed by Galit Klas (aka Taylor Klas)



Dante's Fitzroy​

Written by Cerise de Gelder

Directed by Galit Klas (aka Taylor Klas)

Winner: Best Play 


La Mama Carlton Courthouse

Written by Cerise de Gelder

Directed by Galit Klas (aka Taylor Klas)

The Cherry Umbrella