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Joanne’s Real World

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La Boheme, 2013

The Butterfly Club, 2012

Chapel off Chapel, 2011 (As "Welcome! I'm Joanne from Centrelink")

The Seymour Centre, 2011  (As "Welcome! I'm Joanne from Centrelink")

Written and produced by Galit Klas

Directed by Petra Glieson

Music by Hanna Silver

Starring Galit Klas and Hanna Silver


"Directed by Petra Glieson, Klas and pianist/co-singer Hanna Silver perform a funny, well-constructed cabaret with songs that capture the frustrations, and sadness, of life inside our national employment agency."


"A great comic performance from Klas and catchy songs make this a fun cabaret" 

Stage Whispers

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