Can You Learn How to Sing?

Or are you born with it?

After performances, people want to know where I learned to sing. Is music in the family? They expect that I must have been 'born with it'.


I was the kid with a loud, husky voice who sounded like they were smoking a pack a day at seven years old. The Australian Girls Choir held annual auditions at our school. We would sing the national anthem and the choirmaster would walk around leaning his ear towards individual students. I would sing my smoker child guts out, (I think I even added hand moves), and was always overlooked. One year I sat next to Hanna with the sweetest angel voice and lip-synched. Bingo!

I had no confidence in my voice, and only in my early twenties did I decide to learn how to sing. It took years to develop and get to know my own wonderful, mysterious instrument.

I have had good teachers and a lot of patience. Some singers are born with it. I'm not jealous of natural talents. NOT AT ALL. I'm still learning and in the meantime I feel blessed to share my voice with audiences week after week. And share my discoveries with my students.

Not everyone is born with it. But everyone is born with something and if that something is telling you to sing...then do.

***At the time of writing, the Australian Girls Choir still wouldn't have Galit Klas in their ranks.

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