Celebrating Achievements While You're Alive

The crowd was respectful yet chatty as we waited for the proceedings to start, guests had made the journey from interstate and overseas for this occasion and I caught up with acquaintances you only ever see at a time like this. We spoke about how much Stefan touched us, the depth of his artistic work, and recounted stories about the crazy director, rehearsing in the ocean at midnight and other shenanigans.

And then, a good forty-five minutes late, Stefan appeared...in a sparkly gold shirt, with a beautiful blonde actress on each arm smiling ear to ear and waving to the crowd.

This was a celebration of creative achievement while the artist is still alive!

I am not one for tooting my own horn, I'm usually too embarassed to do so, it takes anywhere between three and six months for me to post a new song ! This event, was the complete opposite! It was celebrating fifty years of creative work. Guests shared photos, songs, poems and videos, gave speeches both planned and drunk impromptu.

Once I was over the awkward factor, it was great. Toot toot toot! Celebrating artistic work, not fame and fortune. Even after fifty years Stefan was full of new ideas for shows the whole night, I think he said my next show should be called "General Misery". Cheers!


**Stefan Mrowinski wrote and directed The White Door in 2007

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