Calling in the Entertainers

I was invited to sing at a small family function last week. Not my family. At my family parties, the live music is taken for granted because we all play an instrument.

It was a 50th wedding anniversary of a couple I didn't really know.

I felt like the "Badchan" of the old days, a Jewish jester that was especially called into weddings to make jokes, poke fun and entertain the guests.

It was inspiring to meet the couple, true appreciaters of music. After all, they hired entertainers for a short concert to celebrate their anniversary, when just the lunch would have been enough.

Music isn't always meant for large theatres, grand stadiums or playing alone on youtube when you can't sleep. Music, and performance are accessible and can be shared. I am proud to be part of a tradition that brings people together and adds an element of fun, passion, comedy, pathos and culture to special events.

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