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Adapted from Yentl, the Yeshiva Boy by Isaac Bashevis Singer

Arts Centre Melbourne 

March 2022

Presented by the Kadimah Yiddish Theatre

Developed by Galit Klas, Evelyn Krape and Gary Abrahams

Written by Gary Abrahams, Elise Hearst and Galit Klas

Directed by Gary Abrahams


Assistant Director Virginia Proud


Set and Costume Design by Dann Barber


Lighting Design by Rachel Burke


Original Composition and Sound Design by Russell Goldsmith


Featuring Evelyn Krape, Jana Zvedeniuk, Genevieve Kingsford and Nicholas Jaquinot

 “Yentl is by far one of the theatrical experiences of the year, a holy and aspirational work that shows us that, far from being the enemy of progress, religion can have a transformative place in our society.” 

Time Out 

“Gary Abrahams, Galit Klas and Elise Hearst have crafted a play that achieves a perfect balance of tradition and inspiration.” 

Cameron Woodhead, The Age 

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